Death of the Sun (in three parts)

video installation

The sun as it spins, is literally photographed into nothingness;  ultimately succumbing to pure digital artifact. As this image slowly un-defines itself, giving way to abstraction I am creating an awareness of the tenuous nature of all digital images. Already intangible, the etherial make up of the sun's image, over the course of a day, is corrupted and compressed into something wholly foreign to its original form. It is in essence, the death of the image. The audio portion of the installation is meant to recall Letterist poetry, the goal of which was to break language into pure expressive sound through the repetition of familiar noises. What I achieve through mechanizing that noise and playing it through a decidedly impermanent medium is a realtime disintegration of both sound and apparatus. Complimenting the visual component, the magnetic tape, as it continuously loops through the heads of the cassette player grows more and more structurally compromised, effecting not only the sound but also the physical integrity of the piece. The end result finds digital and analog slowly eroding together in a harmonious cacophony of sound and image, evoking not only the mortality of the apparatus and the artifact, but also a larger cosmic mortality.