All My Friends

From a technical perspective All My Friends is a “sonification” project in which I translate my Facebook friend's profile pictures into piano music, dub that music on to cassette, and arrange them sculpturally. 

Dry Ice Lathe

A companion piece to the Water Printer in which a vinyl record lathe etches sound information into the surface of a slab of dry ice. 

Death of the Sun (in three parts)

The sun as it spins, is literally photographed into nothingness;  ultimately succumbing to pure digital artifact. As this image slowly un-defines itself, giving way to abstraction I am creating an awareness of the tenuous nature of all digital images.

Water Printer

A machine designed to attempt and fail to print on the surface of water.

Last Words

With Last Words I highlight and aestheticize the real-time “wear and tear” of recorded media by placing a single VHS tape loop between two VCRs connected and playing across two CRT televisions.